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Bosch Fault Error Codes and Troubleshooting

Bosch Dryer/Washer models from WTA 35 to WTL 54 Fault Codes & Troubleshooting Anti –Crease/EndLight flashesProblem- Time fault(drying time toolong)1 Control module failed.2 Door lock failed.3 Moisture sensor(s)failed.4 Water level switchfailed (WTL 5400only).5 Hi-Limit (“overheat”)thermostat tripped andfailed to reset.6 Supply voltage too low.7 Check voltage at and wiring tomodule. Turn off dryer, andreplace faulty module.8 […]

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Appliance Repair and Service Instructions, Safety Warnings, and Caution Labels

This manual has been prepared to provide Electrolux service personnel only with operation and service information for the most common Frigidaire, Gibson, Westinghouse Refrigerator, and Freezer models. Safe  Servicing Practices Avoid personal injury and/or property damage by observing important safe servicing practices.Following are some limited examples of safe practices: DO NOT attempt a product repair if […]

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